Amplia Infrastructures is aware of the negative effects of corruption on economic and social development and has always been committed to preventing and combating any form of corruption in carrying out its business activities, by spreading a corporate culture based on integrity, transparency, honesty and compliance with the law, regulations, national and international standards and guidelines applicable to its business model.
To confirm its commitment, it has adopted the Autostrade per l'Italia Anti-corruption Policy, which groups in a single framework all of the rules for preventing and combating corruption in force in the Group. Download Anti-corruption Policy .
Furthermore, although not subject to the obligations and fulfilments envisaged in Law 190/20212 “Dispositions for the prevention and repression of corruption and illegalities in public administrations”, in order to contribute actively towards the fight against corruption, it has voluntarily implemented an Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS for short) as the tool for the proactive management of the corruption risk and to enhance its culture of legality, undertaking to continuously improve it and selecting international technical standard UNI ISO 37001:2016 as the management model on which to base its own “System”.

Download ISO Certificate 37001:2016

Any reports of conduct not in compliance with the Anti-corruption Policy can be addressed to the Anti-corruption Manager at the following e-mail address: .