Innovation & technology

Due to its excellent results achieved in the field of new technologies, Amplia Infrastructures can provide our Customers with efficient, cutting-edge instruments for managing surfaces, obtaining significant economies of scale, with decreased environmental and energy impacts which are made possible as a result of the drastic reduction in consumption of non-renewable resources.
The company is the leader in technological research concerning:

  • the regeneration of upper layers of road surface;
  • the recycling of weight-bearing layers of road surface;
  • the processing of deep layers of road surfaces.

Our goal is to test new techniques to optimise the performance of the materials used and to transform “waste” materials into a finished product while not degrading the functionality of such product as compared to the original layer of road surface. In this sense, Amplia Infrastructures has invested for years in the design and manufacture of specific tools and in research and development of new products which are increasingly eco-compatible (aggregate materials, binding materials and additives).
This strong commitment to research has allowed us to develop, over the last few years, on-site cold-mix recycling of asphalt concrete using modified asphalt emulsion as the main binding agent. In 2012 we produced a total of approximately 113,000 tonnes of recycled draining surface, including 16,000 tonnes manufactured using recycled milled materials.
Amplia Infrastructures has entered into agreements with prestigious Italian universities for research projects and analyses of materials.
Specifically, 2 projects are underway with the Department of Civil Engineering, Construction and Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Marche:

  • a study of cold-mixed in-place recycled asphalt concrete;
  • a project within the ERA (Extreme Recycling of Asphalt) Research Project, aimed at the production of asphalt concrete containing high levels of milled material deriving from the demolition of old motorway surfaces.
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