Management team

Amedeo Gagliardi

Amedeo Gagliardi was born in Rome in 1972. He is a graduate in Law from Rome La Sapienza University. With past experience in legal consultancies involving public works, with operating management positions in the consortiums involved in the construction of the high speed railways and in major construction companies, his last position was as Legal Manager of the company Italferr in the State Railways Group. He joined Autostrade per l’Italia in May 2007, initially being in charge of the Tenders and Procurement department, joining the Legal department in 2012. He was appointed Legal Director in January 2015 and Procurement and Tenders Director of the company in August 2019. He has been Chairman of Amplia Infrastructures since July 2020. He is also Chairman and Board member in various subsidiaries of the Group.

Stefano Susani
Amministratore Delegato, Procurement & Studi, Constructability e Gare a.i.

Stefano Susani nasce a Vimercate il 29 dicembre del 1966. Laureato con lode in ingegneria civile strutturale al Politecnico di Milano, è da oltre 30 anni professionista nell’ambito dell’ingegneria infrastrutturale e nella consulenza. Ha ricoperto ruoli di responsabilità tecnica e manageriale in alcune delle principali società del settore attive in Italia e all’estero, partecipando a progetti internazionali e nazionali di infrastrutture negli ambiti dei trasporti, dell’energia, della logistica, dell’ambiente e delle acque. Dalla fine del 2020 entra nel Gruppo Autostrade dell’Italia, dove ricopre prima il ruolo di Amministratore Delegato in Tecne, società di Ingegneria del Gruppo e, da settembre 2023, il ruolo di Amministratore Delegato in Amplia Infrastructures.

Sergio Spinelli
Human Capital, Organization and General Services Manager

A graduate in Political Science from the University of Macerata, he began his professional career with Confindustria in Ascoli Piceno, moving on to Api Raffineria as Industrial Relations Manager and subsequently to Pirelli as Facility Personnel Manager. Joined the Fiat Group in 2002, assuming increasing responsibility in the HR Departments of Magneti Marelli, Fiat Powertrain Technologies and FCA (Chrysler). After 3 years working in the Toto/AirOne Group as HR and EHS Manager, he re-joined the Fiat Group and in 2014, joined Juventus Football Club as Human Resources and Organization Manager. Has also worked as Management Advisor in the sectors of renewable energy, aerospace and strategic consultancy. Joined the Autostrade per l’Italia Group in June 2021 as Human Resources and Organization, ICT and General Services Manager of Amplia Infrastructures.

Edoardo Beretta
Head of Legal & Corporate Affairs

Edoardo Beretta was born in Rome in 1964. He graduated in Law in 1990 from Rome La Sapienza University, where he has also been a lecturer on public tenders at the Faculty of Engineering, and joined Amplia Infrastructures in the same year. He has held positions of increasing responsibility in the legal field over time, also being the manager of the Tenders Department until July 2021. He has also been Risk Officer of Amplia Infrastructures and Pavimental Polska Sp. Z o.o. and is currently a member of the Anti-corruption Committee and Tenders Committee of the Company. In the current organizational set-up, he is Head of Legal & Corporate Affairs, which includes all activities concerning insurance and the management of the claims.

Gian Luca Paolinelli
Head of Industrial Asset Planning and Management

Gian Luca Paolinelli was born in Rome in 1975. A graduate in Mechanical and Naval Engineering, he began his professional career with Elettra T.L.C. (Telecom Group) and in the firm Ing. Sparaco Spartaco. He then joined Grandi Lavori Fincosit and worked there for about 18 years, after one year working as a Worksite Director for road and maritime works and Director of a basalt quarry. He has worked in various roles in the Procurement sector, involved in the purchase of installations and machines, the stipulation of naval contracts and the development and implementation of maintenance plans for vehicles. He has also been Fleet Manager and Plant Manager for the management of equipment and machinery and Project Manager for the construction of new naval units, reaching the position of Head of management for terrestrial and maritime machinery and equipment. He joined the Autostrade per l’Italia Group in April 2022 as Head of Industrial Asset Planning and Management of Amplia Infrastructures.

Andrea Avogadro
Chief Financial Officer

Andrea Avogadro was born in Rome in 1981. He is a graduate in Civil Engineering from Roma Tre University. He completed his education with a Master in Business Administration from SDA Bocconi in 2019. He joined the Management Control department of Autostrade per l’Italia and joined Pavimental in 2015 as Planning and Control Manager. He has been the Head of Business Controlling of the Company since April 2020, presiding over the Planning and Control and the Eastern Europe Development areas. He is also Risk Officer and Anti-corruption Officer of Pavimental and is a member of the Board of Directors of Pavimental Polska Sp. Z o.o. and the consortium Lambro Scarl.

Italo Menegola
Head of Operations Captive

Italo Menegola was born in Sondrio in 1975. After studying as a Surveyor, he gained his initial work experience in worksite management for major companies in the construction sector such as T.M.G. Scavi and Cossi Costruzioni. He joined Pavimental in 2009 as Worksite Director for infrastructural works. He was initially in charge of the works for the construction of the third lane of A14 highway and then, from June 2013, the expansion of the highway stretch from Barberino di Mugello to Calenzano. He was then appointed Technical Director of the Barberino Infrastructures Operating Unit and then of the new Operating Unit of the Company called Tuscany Infrastructures. He was appointed Technical Director of the Liguria Infrastructures and Tunnelling Operating Unit in January 2020 and subsequently of the Company works in Tuscany and Liguria. From 1st June 2022, while maintaining the technical direction of the Central-East Area of Italy, he additionally acquires the responsibilities of the new Operations Captive function.

Matteo Bellavita
North-West Area Technical Manager

Matteo Bellavita was born in Malo (VI) in 1977. A graduate in Civil Engineering, he gained his initial professional experience in the construction of railway and highway works in the capacity of worksite Technical Office Manager and worksite Manager. He joined Pavimental in 2010, being initially involved in the works for the expansion of Lot 1 of the A14 highway and then the works for the completion of the Valico Variant. In June 2017, he took the position of Worksite Manager of the lots for the highway enhancement between Barberino di Mugello and Calenzano, which he held until January 2020, when he became Project Manager for Liguria. In October 2020 he became Technical Director of the North-East Italy and in April 2022 he moved to cover the same role in the North-West Italy, which includes the Company’s works in Liguria.

Mauro Moretti
North-East Area Technical Manager

Mauro Moretti was born in Rome in 1963. After completing his technical studies as a draughtsman, he took his first steps in his professional career as a designer and computer expert for professional engineering and technical consultancy firms, before working as a Worksite assistant foreman and worksite accountant for highway works firms. He joined the Autostrade per l’Italia Group in 1987, in which he started in the role of Overall Supervision Assistant and rose to that of Department Manager. During more than thirty years’ work experience, he has coordinated highly complex highway and industrial works of significant value. He has been Technical Director North-East Area of Amplia Infrastructures since April 2022.

Federico Sferra
Central-Western Area Technical Manager

Federico Sferra was born in Rome in 1969. A graduate in Civil Engineering specialising in Transport, most of his professional career has been with the Astaldi Group, which he joined just before graduating. He worked for a number of years as manager in the Technical Office of the worksite for the construction of the Rome-Naples high velocity railway line, in 2002 taking over as Worksite Manager for infrastructural works in Italy. From 2010 to 2020, he managed some road work projects, initially as Project Manager, and subsequently he enhanced and reorganized the Global Procurement department of the Astaldi Group, in the role of Corporate Procurement Manager and latterly presided, with full responsibility, over the Commercial & Operations and Organization and Integrated Management sectors of subsidiaries of Astaldi S.p.A. He joined Itinera S.p.A. in 2020, where he filled the role of Area Operations Manager for about 2 years. He chose to join the Autostrade per l’Italia and Amplia Infrastructures in October 2022, where he works as Central-Western Area Technical Manager.

Claudio Ceccarelli
South-East Area Technical Manager

Claudio Ceccarelli was born in Rome in 1976. A graduate in Civil Engineering from Rome La Sapienza University, he has worked for Società Italiana per Condotte d’Acqua and I.M. Intermetro, acquiring his professional experience in the roles of Worksite Director, Project Manager and Technical Director. He has been involved in the construction of significant infrastructures (road and railway) and highly architectural and technological construction works.
He joined Pavimental in May 2020 as Project Manager for Tuscany and has been Technical Director South-East Italy since October 2020.

Alberto Di Bartolomeo
Technical Director Highway Pavement Maintenance

Alberto Di Bartolomeo was born in Rome in 1965. A graduate in Civil Engineering, he joined Amplia Infrastructures in 1993. Up to 2012, in the capacity of Worksite Director, he supervised several major infrastructural tenders. From 2012 to 2017 he was Technical Director for soundproofing works on the highway network and for the construction of junctions. In 2017 he was Road Surfacing and Laboratory Manager for the Maintenance and Management Investments department of Autostrade per l’Italia. He was also RUP for various road surfacing tenders. From July 2015 to November 2017 he was General Manager and a member of the Board of Directors of Sat Lavori. In 2018, he was appointed to the position of Technical Director of the East Infrastructures department of Pavimental and since 2020 he has been Technical Director Highway Pavement Maintenance.

Roberto Caricasole
Information & Communication Technlogy Manager

Roberto Caricasole was born in 1985 in Taranto. After getting a degree in software engineering at the Politecnico of Bari, he carries on his education attending many courses of specialisation and a master in General Management at SDA Bocconi.
In 2012 after some work experiences, he becomes member of Autostrade per l’Italia Group in which he becomes Head of IT Infrastructure management & Buisness Continuity, then in 2020 Buisness Partner Integration Controllate.
These work roles allows him to control all activities and projects aimed to integrate informatics systems in the business of Group subsidiaries.
In April 2023 he gets started to work as Head of Information and Communication Technology in Amplia Infrastructures with the goal of digitalise the Society in order to adeguate it to the highest standards of the sector.