Amplia Infrastructures is one of the reference players in the construction sector and has been operating nationally for more than 50 years in the construction, maintenance, refurbishment and modernisation of roads, highways, bridges, viaducts, tunnels and service stations.

Founded in 1970 under the name COSAT, Costruzioni Stradali Asfalti S.p.A., it was renamed Pavimental S.p.A. in 1984.

It became Amplia Infrastructures in September 2022, a vital step forward aimed at enhancing one of the primary construction companies in Italy and a fundamental stepping stone in the Transformation Plan of the Autostrade per l'Italia group.

The company is managed and coordinated by Autostrade per l'Italia SpA, which owns 99.8% of the share capital; Astaris S.p.A. own the remaining portion, of 0.2%.

The company currently has a workforce of about 1,600 employees, with returns of 600 million Euros generated by activities in:

  • Expansion and enhancement of highways (third and fourth lanes);
  • Construction, refurbishment and maintenance of individual high technology works (viaducts, bridges and tunnels);
  • Construction of safety and noise-proof barriers;
  • Construction and maintenance of road and highway surfacing in both bituminous conglomerate and concrete;
  • Construction of special highly adherent and draining road surfacing;
  • Execution of specialist works in service stations and highway systems and installations (expansion joints, viaducts, junctions, toll booths and safety barriers);
  • Maintenance of works (viaducts, overbridges, underpasses).

In addition to working in Italy, Amplia Infrastructures has also been present in Poland since 2008, through the subsidiary Pavimental Polska Sp.zo.o

Amplia numbers

  • 1,600 employees
  • 600 million Euros in 2021
  • Owns 12 plants for the production of bituminous conglomerate
  • Fleet of about 1,000 vehicles

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