SA8000 certification

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Amplia Infrastructures has designed its own Management System regarding social responsibility in accordance with standard SA8000, which was developed by the non-government organization Social Accountability International (SAI).

The mission of this standard is to contribute towards the respect of workers’ human rights worldwide, promoting ethical working conditions, the right to work and social dialogue.

The elements on which the standard is based derive from national legislation, the Conventions of the International Labour Organization, the universal Human Rights Declaration and the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child.
The new requirements of Standard SA8000 regard:

  1. child labour;
  2. forced labour;
  3. health and safety;
  4. liberty of association and the right to collective contracting;
  5. discrimination;
  6. disciplinary measures;
  7. working hours;
  8. remuneration;
  9. management system;
During the third quarter of 2021, the system implemented by Amplia Infrastructures was subject to certification by an external accredited and independent entity, in order for the value of the initiatives undertaken to be guaranteed by a third party evaluation.

In September 2021, Amplia Infrastructures was awarded the certificate of compliance of its Social Accountability Management System with international standard SA8000:2014.

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